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Some time ago my grandson Paul announced that he was going to resurrect one of my old—1968 books—“Ship The Kids On Ahead,” a compilation of Wisconsin State Journal columns originally published with the cooperation of the WSJ.  I thought he was a bit daft, and understanding very little of what he was up to, I said, “Great, go for it.”

And he did, recruiting readers to produce an audio book, and getting hard copies and discs available on Amazon.  He even arranged a reality “book launching” event on the net.  It was all very gratifying to see that material from 50-plus years ago still had relevance and entertained readers.

As he learned more about what he was doing, Paul decided to move on to two more of my previously published books—“Hi-ho Silver Anyway,” and “Trout Friends.” He is in the process of lining up readers and exploring the mechanics and intricacies of publishing on the internet.

I learn few facts as we go along, but it is all largely a mystery to me.  In going back over some of the material I am left with the sense that much of it deserved more than a one-day newspaper shelf life, but probably all writers/journalist feel that way.  In any case, I am thrilled to be involved with Paul in this project, and while I do not expect to profit from it in any financial way, it is doing a lot for my ancient ego, which I will be very careful to keep under control.

Paul is suggesting a fund-raiser of some kind.  I am not totally comfortable with this, but he says it is a common way to get publicity when you are trying to promote something.  It also, I think, gives others an opportunity to be a part of whatever crazy project you launch.  I trust Paul’s judgment and am putting myself and all of my material in his hands.  I have no idea what might happen, but I am comfortable with that.

If anyone has any questions, shoot me an e-mail at and we will talk.  In the meantime this is my first attempt at blogging and I am frankly intimidated.

When I ran this past Paul he suggested I add: “Ship The Kids on Ahead” available in print, eBook and audio.  Included in Kindle Unlimited and whispering audio.

Do I follow orders or what!

Cheers, Bill

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