Kickass Doc at large

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper has in his dog history an English Springer spaniel—“Doc,” who was the neighborhood rogue due to the keeper’s lax control in letting Doc run at large.  On one occasion Doc invaded a neighbor’s garage where pans of delicate cupcakes were cooling in preparation for a graduation.  On another occasion Doc somehow absconded with a different neighbor’s  t-bone steak awaiting the grill.

On these and other occasions, Doc displayed an indifference to verbal reprimand that somehow, incredibly, carried the day; and if he could have talked he would have said, “I have received complete and total vindication.”

Kickass says we need to talk more about the keeper’s complicity.





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  1. As usual your reflections and recollections are in synch with the times, Mr. S! Love the “vindication” reference…not that you were referring to any particular “dog” at all, but I think most of us are sufficiently in tune with the times that we get it…good ol’ Doc. He had quite the canine persona…I think I have a snapshot of him wearing Mark Wiggins’ cowboy hat…I’ll dig it up for you and you can do a post on it sometime…