Kickass Summer Puppies

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says his keeper plans to spend the day recreating the boundless joy that the beginning of summer presented when he was very young.

School bonds were removed like leg irons and the great, green turf of freedom and opportunity rolled out as limitless as the sea.  From the first chirping robin in the dew-drenched dawns to the impossible displays of lightning bugs in the warm evenings, every day was an off-season Christmas, full of surprises and excitement, and never long enough.

Those days are still there, buried deep under a lifetime of more mundane memories.  Perhaps that is why, sometimes when dementia threatens some of us, we go back there.  There was never a better place for us to be than when we rolled on summer’s green carpet like innocent puppies.


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  1. Nice comments. Took this native of Junction City in Central Wisconsin now transplanted to California back to my youth. You didn’t mention the youthful mischief — tomato fights, robbing gardens of watermelon and fresh peas, blowing up things with M80s. shooting sparrows with BB guns. Going to be visiting Central Wisconsin, Madison and your area in early July, so will try to relive some memories with the locals.