Kickass and Tramp’s Boy Scouts

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is doing his best to take the keeper’s mind off the report of president Tramp’s speech to the Boy Scouts in which he did everything except demonstrate to the Scouts how not to help an old lady across the street but to grab her by the ………

The keeper says if there is any doubt in anyone’s mind as to the low class turd now occupying the White House, then maybe it is time for them to seek therapy.

To encourage thousands of wonderful young men to boo Obama and then try to enlist them in Tramp’s political bullshit is one thing, but the keeper says when he tells the Boys about the “fake media” he has gone way over the edge with everyone who respects the truth, especially those who now hold or once held press cards.


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  1. I’m convinced Drumpf is so psychotic he really has no clue just exactly WHO he is giving his speeches to from day to day. He is a delusional narcissistic psychopath who is so hellbent on creating enemies that he’s willing to spew his rancid garbage before such impressionable young minds as the Boy Scouts. My sense is that someone forgot their cane, you know, the one they used to YANK a really bad performer of the stage at carnivals of yore, those kind of canes. Suffice it to say that Drumpf is of the class of “really bad performers” who simply needs someone to say, “It’s OK, dearm let’s just go home now and you’ll feel better soon,” but apparently his friends and family are content to allow him to make a complete and utter fool of himself on a daily basis. Isn’t he going on a permanent vacation soon???

  2. For all the squeals of protest Trump fans make about media coverage of the president, they ignore just how much gasoline The Donald himself pours on the campfire. When, where, and how will this end?