Kickass foxy con mange

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the so called public hearing about the Foxy Con-job being perpetrated by Walker and his big money cronies was nothing more than scripted ballyhoo from professional predators.

If Wisconsin agrees to put out $3 BILLION for this pie-in-the-sky, minimum wage scam it needs therapy; and at some point in the future it will resemble the unfortunate fox that ran up the keeper’s driveway a month or so ago suffering the misery of severe mange:

Having lost all of its beautiful hair, its lustrous tail turned rat-like, and with an obvious agonizing itch that it stopped every few feet to scratch at frantically, the fox was what Wisconsin will be once Walker’s side-show barkers complete their con.





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  1. Not a pretty sight. But Wisconsin will elect him to another term and the coup will be complete. Once the most progressive state in the country, my beloved former home will have gone off the deep end and the likelihood of it making a comeback will be next to nothing. Welcome to the Alabama of the north. But hey, at least Badger-staters will be getting a few crumbs now and then…