Kickass snows great grandchildren

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper may have been pushing things a bit when he put the deck furniture out last Saturday.  It is, of course, now covered with snow and looks as if it belongs in an igloo.

The snow does, however, offer an opportunity for the keeper to “play” with his tractor to make his challenging driveway less hazardous.  Recently the tractor was pressed into service to give rides to young great grandchildren, which is a much higher purpose than plowing snow.

In fact, in a fit of serious contemplation, the keeper asked himself if there could possibly be a higher purpose for him and his tractor than giving those little sweethearts rides up and down his driveway?



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  1. There is no better use of your time, tractor or no. Its fun for me and the grandkids to share in any number of activities, a nature walk, letting them do cartwheels on the Kids Stage at the Overture Center, taking them to any of the playgrounds around Madison and Dane Co. It makes my heart light and gives their parents a little break. Besides, when I drop the kids back home there might be a nice Sunday dinner waiting for me.