Kickass typewriter stops time

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is periodically concerned with the keeper’s efforts to stop the insane flow of time, even to the point of attempting to reverse it so he can revive abilities he once took for granted, like bending over to pick something up without thinking about it.

So the other day in his incessant patrols of recycle stores he bought a typewriter.  He hasn’t owned a typewriter for god knows how long, but he brought this one home, and though the ribbon was really dry, he managed to type something about a quick brown fox and a lazy dog.

The physical effort of banging the keys down, and the clunking sound they made hitting the roller was like music to his ears and he left the typewriter out on his desk where he could look at it.  Thank goodness, St. Vinnys doesn’t sell horses and buggies, though the keeper once found a horse collar there.  It hangs on his bedroom wall.


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  1. Many moons ago, I worked as a travel writer for a big newspaper in the suburbs of San Francisco. I dragged a Hermes Rocket portable manual typewriter all over Europe and into Morocco to write stories that were filed by mail (this, of course, was BC — Before Computers). I’m sure the people in the adjacent hotel rooms didn’t care much for the typewriter clatter, but it did the job. Not the same as the sound of clicking of a keyboard.