Kickass no more tech embarrassment


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is going through an adjustment period—isn’t he always, which includes a buildup of resistance to embarrassment arising out of technical matters.  Very obvious causes of tech embarrassment will henceforth be replaced with a pretense of knowing exactly what the hell is going on and even an air of indignation that whatever is wrong hasn’t already been fixed.

He says to never mind the details, but in his habit of dwelling almost exclusively on great thoughts, the keeper somehow overlooked the fact that some time ago, tech-assisting daughter Pat revamped his television access which included doing away with his never-used land line.  This apparently was an important thing for techs Mike and Kevin to know as they struggled to figure out why a home security communication had failed.

The land-line might have been dead and gone, but the land phones still sat there in their forever places with their lights on, and so what was a person to conclude—or forget?  Embarrassing?  Hell no.  Not for the keeper who knew the truth all along and is somewhat put out that Mike and Kevin were a bit slow in catching on.  (Unfortunately this may join family lore as “Remember the time Dad had all those old phones sitting around that weren’t hooked up to anything.”)

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  1. Your column reminds me of why I have four 35 mm film cameras displayed in my home office. They remind my of my newspaper reporter days and the challenges of getting a good picture — of course, now knowing it until the film came out of the darkroom. The cameras were big, heavy and with fairly unreliable light metering systems. Still, some of my best pix and memories came from those cameras, which now stare down at me from the shelf — ready to spring into action and cringe at new fleet of digital cameras .