Hi Ho Silver, Anyway (2nd Edition)

For ten years Bill Stokes has been a roving reporter and columnist for The Milwaukee Journal. He has written reams of material about his vivid impressions of people, animals, events, personal activities and “things in general.” His reminiscence of boyhood days on the farm are typical of my own growing up days in Northern Wisconsin.

Through his travels, Bill has met with the unusual and unique — the oddball — the occult — the sad — the glad — the good — the bad — the humorous — the tragic — the trivial — the serious. T [...]

Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads

Part guide and part spiritual journey, this visually stunning book celebrates America's only statewide system of historic back country roads. It takes armchair travelers on a richly illustrated journal through the beautiful landscapes of one of the nation's most geographically diverse states, and serves to aid those travelers who decide to embark on an actual trip over these charming bucolic lanes.

The entire project began when photographer Bob Rashid undertook a two-year odyssey to preserve remarkable sites along the 76 official rustic road [...]